Another year older…

March 21, 2010 at 3:25 pm (Germany)

Well this post finds me not only a year older but also basically at the six month mark of being away.  God the time has flown.  Doesn’t feel like six months since I was playing in a hockey grand final and getting ready for my trip… but I guess it is a good sign that the time is going by quickly.

A small piece of home in Germany.

Not a lot has happened since my last post.  It has been a long school term, 13 weeks I think, and I am ready for the holidays and my trip to Canada.   Travelling Katie is just bursting to get out and explore.  I did spend a lovely weekend with my host family in Marburg though.  I got spoilt with birthday presents and yummy food and we visited the botanical gardens there.  The gardens are complete with an Australian desert.  It was very weird to see gum leaves, wattle and red dirt in the middle of Germany, but also comforting in a way.  I also got to open my birthday presents early and Charlie now has a gorgeous stuffed toy koala, complete with baby as a friend.

Talking about birthdays, I am now officially 26.  The most exciting thing about this is that in Germany I only have to wait 4 more years before I can play VETS.  In Aus 9.  I got quite excited.  hehehe  My actual birthday felt a little weird but was lovely.  I had lots of presents to open

Crownies for my birthday at the Aussie bar with Katharina

(Thank you mum, Ant, Jo, Lis, Lauren, Kate, Alli and Mich for your presents) and lots of hugs and congratulations at school.  My class had organised a book and flowers for me with a card, which was really nice.  Maren and Peppo also spoilt me rotten.  They even came over spontaneously with coffee and cake in the afternoon!  I felt very loved.

Otherwise the only exciting thing that has happened is that we are OFFICIALLY on the field for hockey.  I think you can all imagine my excitement, although training when there is snow on the pitch is simply beyond my comprehension.  I trained one night in track suit pants, two jumpers, a fleece headband and gloves.  It was FREEZING.  I am now the proud owner of a hockey stick.  I ended up ordering it on the internet from England without ever having seen it or felt it.  I saved myself 150 Euros by doing so and am quite pleased.  It’s a little heavier on the head, but it hits well and I am sure with a little practice it will be fine.  I need to buy myself a hockey ball though, so I can have a play at home and get used to the stick.

We did manage to get promoted in indoor though.  The girls were very excited.  I have decided that I must be the promotion good luck charm.  The last three hockey teams I have played in have all been promoted.  Not a bad record really!


I am still getting my head around all the different German hockey jargon.  They also play a completely different formation, which will take some getting used to.  On the field I do all my calling in English, which is problematic as nobody knows what I mean… but somehow when I play no German comes to mind.  I think it’s because I don’t think when I play, it’s automatic, and English and hockey seem to go together.  I guess the girls will just have to get used to it.  hehehe

Bear sends his love.


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