Introducing Xaver…

November 22, 2010 at 12:38 pm (Germany)

After thirteen months I finally touched back down in Melbourne and am currently enjoying the weather and catching up with as many people as possible.  More about that in my next blog though.  Firstly I need to update about my two weeks back in Germany and about the new boy.

I know that people have always said that the right boy will come along when I am least expecting it and I guess I just never really believed them.  Xaver is a friend of Agathe’s who I play hockey with.  She dragged him along to an 18th of another friend of ours, we got talking, found each other on facebook and before we knew it into hour long conversations on the phone.  Seriously, a boy that i can talk to without issues for two hours in German is definitely a keeper in my book!  🙂

He’s a carpenter by trade and works in the family business, which is in construction.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t live in Darmstadt… instead in Thaleischweiler-Fröschen (OMG it took me at least three weeks to perfect the pronunciation!), which is in a different state and 150km away.  Just to complicate matters I’ve been spending more time away from Germany than actually in it as late.  😦  But we’re just taking things as they come and enjoying each other’s company.  The plan is to re-assess the situation in March.

So I flew back from Greece and got straight onto the train down to Freiburg to meet up with Xaver.  I actually spent eight weeks in Freiburg doing a language course in December 2007 so it was really nice to see the city again.  I also got to see a Bundesleague game:  Freiburg vs. Kaiserslautern.  Quite an experience.

Visiting the Australia store with Damaris (highly disappointing considering they didn't even sell BBQ shapes!)

The next weekend was spent visiting Damaris in Cologne.  It was great to finally see where she is now living.  I’m actually extremely jealous of her flat!  I even got to see her new coffee shop and was lucky enough to spend time with her sister Janina who was visiting at the same time.  We spent all of Saturday Christmas shopping and spent AGES hunting down a traditional beer drinking accessory for James.

My last weekend was once again spent with Xaver.  We went on the most amazing walk through the countryside near where he lives.  Germany has a real autumn, as in the colours are AMAZING.  Leaves everywhere with sunburnt oranges and beautiful fresh yellows.  We walked about 20km in all cumulating in a visit to Trifels castle, where Richard Lionheart was once kept captive.  The views were simply amazing.

The rest of my time was spent getting myself prepared and organised for my trip down under.  As a result hockey has been put on a back burner.  I’m barely around and it’s indoor season as it is.  No big loss if you ask me 😉

So that’s about all from me for the moment.   Really looking forward to the wedding on Saturday and making the most of my time with family and friends.


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