Snow, School and Single again

December 20, 2010 at 7:01 pm (Germany)

Well once again I have been a little busy bee in Germany.  I was only in Darmstadt for two weeks and I sure of hell managed to do a lot… as well as teach and do quite a bit of marking.  I even managed to fit in a visit from the beautiful Bec.  No rest for the wicked, right?

First things first.  Xaver and I broke up.  (I’ve seriously been pretty unlucky with boys as late)  He picked me up from the airport and we spent Saturday and Sunday together.  Something didn’t feel right for him though and I didn’t want to push something as serious as us if he was having second thoughts.  So we ended it.  I spent Tuesday night a mess, couldn’t stop crying… but I promised myself one night of being sad and Wednesday I would begin again a fresh.  Amazingly this plan has actually pulled through.  I’m sad and I am disappointed.   I’m also mad at myself for trusting and believing him (and the fact his feelings changed so quickly and without any real reason or explanation)… but when it comes down to it I am not going to allow him to bring me down.  I don’t need anybody to be happy and there are so many things here to keep me happy and positive.  In one way he has done me a favour and made my life simpler again.  So yeah, no stress… I’m doing fine.  AND no more boys… well unless they live in Darmstadt or are Australian.  Hehehe

The highlight of my time home was having a visit from Bec.  I’ve been and seen her three times in Manchester so it was great to finally get to show her where I live and a bit of the German lifestyle.  Of course we made the now mandatory Kate tour of Darmstadt and we also had a Kate and Bec style night out at Schlosskeller with Agathe and some of her friends.  The party Kate is definitely back in town with us finally making it home at 4:00 the following morning.  Saturday was spent visiting the gorgeous town of Mainz, whose Christmas market really was quite lovely and on Sunday Bec came and watched me play indoor hockey.  I was just filling in and managed to prove to myself once again that I not only suck at the sport, but quite dislike it too.  I absolutely loved having you Bec!  Make sure you get home safely and come and visit again soon.


Christmas time in Germany means two things… Christmas markets (Glühwein) and Christmas cookies, both of which happen to be things I absolutely love.  I tried to go down to the Christmas market as much as possible.  Ok, probably a little too often.  As for Christmas cookies… this year I got the chance to bake them for the first time!

My work colleague Doris invited me round to her place spontaneously one afternoon to bake biscuits with her daughter and her friend.  I jumped on the offer and made Vanillakipfel.  I even got to decorate some gingerbread biscuits with the kids and went home the proud owner of a lunch box full of cookies AND some gingerbread men to hang in my window as Christmas decoration.  (Now my room always smells like gingerbread… YUM!)

My friend Agathe has been looking after me over the last couple of weeks.  On Wednesday she was my date to De Capo which is an art acrobatic circus.  They were actually tickets that Xaver and I had, but I still wanted to make sure I went.  Some of the acrobatics were quite amazing, especially the trapeze stunts and a man doing a handstand on another person’s head while he was riding a unicycle.  We also headed back out on Friday night to an 80s party, complete with costume and once again partied through to 4:30.  Some of my work colleagues were also there, which was awesome.  It was actually a massive drinking night for me though, as I had already had four Glüweins earlier in the day.  Not so clever… neither was walking home in 3 Euro neon pink ballerinas from H & M in the snow.  But oh well.  I am blonde.

So Saturday I was lucky enough to have Peppo to drive me to the airport for my flight to Cairo.  When I got to the airport it was COMPLETE madness at Luthansa.  We’ve had quite a bit of snow, which has caused the airport to close down a couple of times and the line for the drop of baggage was HUGE.  Like ridiculously long!  So I made the executive decision to simply take my stuff through and hope it would be accepted as hand luggage.  I actually found out later that the wait was three to six hours so thank God I decided to do this.  I did lose a new bottle of body crème… but a small price to pay for not missing my flight, especially as I have heard of people who did because they couldn’t check in their bags.

Meanwhile… here in Cairo we have just found out that forty people haven’t been able to get here for our tour.  Heathrow has been cancelling flights left right and centre.  Looks like Ash and I are lucky to be here at all and trust me… we plan on making the most of it.


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A land down under…

December 12, 2010 at 9:13 pm (Travel)

Three weeks back home goes by awfully quickly when you have so many people to catch up with.  I seriously felt like a broken record having to repeat myself over and over with what is going on with my life.  (Seriously… doesn’t anybody read this blog??!?!)  It was great seeing everybody though and I felt very loved that so many people wanted to make sure they got some ‘Kate’ time and my apologies to anybody who missed out.  It was a crazy time.

Some random highlights of my trip:

  • U2 Concert with the girls.  (Thanks Alli for the ticket)  An amazing night of music.  Definitely an experience.
  • Having all Sleeth kids together at the one place for one dinner with mum.  God knows when that will happen again.
  • Spending as much time with my mum as possible including seeing the new Harry Potter movie in ENGLISH
  • Having a personal tour from Susan of the new facilities at McKinnon
  • Playing a game for Mentone and scoring two ripper goals.  How is it that I can do that in Aus no problems but in Germany I struggle?
  • Meeting Hamish and Olivia, both born after I left.
  • Finally having the four girls together, hitting the town, sleeping at Crown Casino and capping it off with breakfast in South Melbourne.
  • Going to see Mary Poppins with mum and Ant.  It was my favourite movie as a kid and I saw the show on the West End in 2006 when I was in London.  It only took them four years to get the show to us.
  • Cleaning out my wardrobe and donating bags and bags of clothes to the Parky op shop.

Of course… the whole reason for my trip was to be a bridesmaid at Lauren and Aaron’s wedding.  The day was absolutely amazing and went off without a hitch.  (Ok, we did have to change the venue because of the stormy weather)  Lauren looked absolutely stunning and I know that both Aaron and her had a day that they will never forget.  They both just looked so happy all day… they seriously are made for each other.  You couldn’t wipe a smile off either of their faces.  I feel truly blessed that I got to be such a big part of their day.

Sadly, one of the girls I went to high school with passed away during the time I was home.  Her funeral was a sad occasion but had the positive effect of bringing some of us old school friends together.  Catherine, wherever you are, I hope you are happy.  RIP

There are things which I love about Melbourne… endless supplies of Twisties, BBQ shapes, Cherry Ripes, Eggs Benedict… OMG a proper latte.  I miss so many people.  I love being so close to the beach and having my mum around.  Not having to worry about a language barrier and things being a reasonable price… but I must admit it was very obvious that I wanted to get back to Germany.  Driving everywhere was driving me nuts.  I nearly had a melt down in Ringwood when I managed to get lost.  I was just itching to get ‘home’ and see my friends here, get back to my classes and start living my life again.  I’m not ready to come home and this trip definitely showed that to me.

So on that note… stay tuned for many more adventures.  Who knows when I finally will be ready (if at all) to come back to Aus permantly.  At any rate… I can’t see it happening in the immediate future.   Too much of the world I want to see… and now is most definitely the time for me to do it.


P.s  More photos?

Check out for the wedding photos

and for all the rest.

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