Darmstadt Party Time

March 2, 2011 at 11:30 pm (Germany)

Well the first signs of spring are arriving in Darmstadt and very soon I will be another year older.  Time for a blog I think!  Firstly, I must admit to being very grateful that Ash and I managed to visit Egypt before all the unrest happened.  There was no huge indication of what was to come while we were there, and God knows when the area will be safe again for tourists.  Guess we were just lucky. 

Catching up with Arabella

After arriving home from Egypt bear and I decided to completely utilise what was left of our Christmas holidays by going on a trip to Hamburg with the lovely Gwen who I play hockey with.  The main reason for the trip was to catch up with Miss Arabella.  Arabella was doing an exchange in Hamburg and is an ex student of mine.   It was really rewarding to see her and hear her using her German and it reminded me again why I love teaching German.  Very proud of you Arabella! 

Hamburg is an absolutely beautiful city.  It’s the second biggest city in Germany and the third largest port in Europe.  The harbour was quite spectacular as parts of it were completely frozen over.  Gwen and I enjoyed walking though the city, taking the public ferries up and down the port and doing a little bit of shopping.  Highlights included visiting Miniature Wonderland (the largest model railway in the world), St Michel (where the organist gave us an amazing impromptu recital on each of the three organs) AND seeing the Lion King in German.  I definitely want to visit the city again in summer!  🙂 

With the beautiful Agathe... my Darmstadt partying partner!

Back in Darmstadt things have been cruising along nicely.  I work, I mark, I party and I play hockey.  The indoor season is finally over and although I did have some success… six goals in three games… I am very much looking forward to getting back into some ‘real’ hockey.  I have also been quite the party animal as late and been lucky enough to have had a number of visitors… Gen, Garath, Suzie and John.  All four got the famous Damstadt tour of course!  Loved having you all guys! 


I also spent a weekend in Offenburg, killing two birds with one stone, by visiting my good friend Uli from my exchange days and also catching up with Rachel Gray (Mentone hockey friend) and her sister in Strasbourg.

Strasbourg is in France and is simply lovely.  We wandered the streets, visited a very interesting museum and had a look at the European Union buildings.  I was amazed at how inadequate I felt not being able to communicate in French in any level.  Crazy that the town is only 10 minutes from the German border and I could hardly make myself understood!

Seeing Ulli was fantastic.  She is one of the people I have the most contact with from my original exchange so her friendship is very special.  She took me on a graffiti tour of Offenburg, which was not only original but a really cool way to see the city.  Some of the pieces were just spectacular and seriously more like works of art! 

Tonight I was spoilt with a MEAT PIE.  My Aussie mate Rob stumbled across authentic meat pies at a bakery in Amsterdam and managed to ship sixteen frozen ones to Darmstadt.  OMG it was seriously amazing and such a wonderful treat.  We have plans to go watch the Frankfurt AFL team play when the season starts up.  It’s great being able to hear his accent whenever I need an Australian quick fix.

So that is me in a nutshell.  Off to Cologne this weekend to visit Damaris and experience their Karneval.  Should be interesting… will be turning 27 is a couple of weeks and off to Poland with Agathe over Easter.  Not really much time to be homesick, is there? 


P.s  More photos?  Check out https://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=331529&id=509745588&l=a4297e457a


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