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June 20, 2011 at 3:39 pm (Germany, Travel)

With only two days of school left before the summer holidays I have decided that it is high time for a blog update.  As I uploaded my photos I was hit by how many wonderful and amazing things that I have experienced in the past month and a half.  It really does make you realise how special life is and how fantastic some people make mine.  I am truly blessed.

Some of the month’s highlights include Amelie’s 18th birthday party where we organised a live band as her present, Schloßgrabenfest, the graduation ceremony for my year 10’s and Conny’s housewarming.  I definitely know how to party 😉  Top of the list has to be a spontaneous visit from the wonderful Jason Bond.  Jase and I studied together at university and it was really cool to be able to show him around, especially as he speaks basically perfect German.  The grand tour of Darmstadt included a visit to the exhibition ‘Media, War and Games’, which was also a highlight.  Thanks for the visit Jase!

Something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry was father’s day.  It’s traditional here that young men go on a drinking tour of the city.  Normally they have a pram full of beer and some form of music and plan out a route.  I’d told Christian that they should make their route via the hockey field so that they could watch me play… AND they actually came.  After my game I was allowed to join them!  I think the picture speaks for itself… there is no way that you could get away with that in Aus.  We had the music blaring and we danced our way around the city before all collapsing in front of the TV at about 7pm.  Seriously a great day, an amazing memory and a huge thank-you to Clemens, Viktor and Christian!

Hockey finished the season with a bang.  It came down to our last two matches which we needed to win in order to stay in the league and also for our seconds to be promoted.  We fought hard… AND WON!  Very exciting for us.  After the last game when we knew we had managed to avoid demotion we made sure we partied hard.  The season had it’s ups and downs and I think we are currently enjoying the break.

I utilised my first hockey free weekend by going on a trip to Prague with the gorgeous Katharina, a friend from school as it also happened to be a long weekend!  Our very cheap hostel was well located even if it did feel quite claustrophobic with it’s lovely yellow walls and array of keys needed to get in.  Prague is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have been lucky enough to visit.  It was just as wonderful visiting for a second time as I was there on a class trip when I was an exchange student in 2000.  We spent a lot of time just wandering the streets and admiring the amazing architecture.  Highlights included the Jewish cemetery, Charles Bridge, the Astrological clock, a barbie exhibition and the Museum of Communism.  Katha and I were quite pleased to return to Germany and toilets that lock and we’re already planning our 2012 city trip.  Love you and thank you Frau Meyer.

Friday night I spontaneously ended up taking part in Darmstadt’s own Le Dîner en Blanc.  In 1988 the Frenchman François Pasquier found himself in a bit of a pickle as the 200 guests he had invited to his garden party no longer fitted in his garden.  So he decided to have the dinner in a public garden in Paris.  Every year since the dinner has taken place and has evolved into the traditional of everybody wearing white.  Basically people that want to take part find out where the dinner will take place 30 minutes before it starts.  You have to bring everything you need with you… ie dinner, chairs, tables etc.  Then everybody, dressed in white, sit together and have dinner.  It’s actually really cool and was an interesting experience.

So like I said before, two days left at my school.  I’m sad to be leaving my students and the teachers, as I have built some amazing and wonderful friendships.  But I am also excited about the next chapter in my life.  They say that when one door shuts another one opens and I am strong believer in this concept.

The plan was to travel for around six months and then come home and start 2012 back in Australia and at a new school… however, those of you who know me well, know that my plans tend to change a lot and one never really knows what is going to happen.  One spontaneous call resulted in a job interview and then a job offer, which I have accepted.  The next school year will see me teaching at an

Flowers and a T-shirt as good bye presents from two of my classes!

international school.  I’ll be a year five form teacher teaching English, Humanities and Religion??  as well as year three.  (Not sure what subject yet though)  The school is amazing… integrated learning, interactive whiteboards and a wide range of different accents and cultures.  I am really excited about the opportunity and looking forward to another year in Darmstadt.

At the moment I am busy packing my room and looking for a new flat.  The official count down to seeing mum is truly underway and only five more sleeps.  Today we decided to finish our trip with four days in Madrid, which we are both really excited about.  I may be far from home but Darmstadt has definitely made it’s way into my heart.


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