A Swiss Surprise…

October 6, 2011 at 3:27 pm (Germany)

It’s been nine weeks since my last blog and the autumn holidays are just around the corner.  It’s definitely a funny feeling knowing that this time last year I was looking forward to going to the Greek Islands with Lis and Bec, both of whom have been back in Melbourne for some time now.  I have now officially been overseas for more than two years and November will mark two years of living in Darmstadt.  Now that wasn’t exactly a part of the life plan, was it?

I am still loving my life here though.  The boys in the new flat are pretty awesome and keep an eye on me.  We have English Tuesdays where only English is allowed to be spoken and often cook together or go out.  We had a MASSIVE house warming party for Olli and I , which was heaps of fun.  We’re still unsure how the police were not called as we had music blaring till the early hours.

The first half of the field hockey season has been and gone.  I played mainly ones and we’re faring much better than last year.  We already have six more points than we did at this point of the season last year and nine points in total, which is only two less than we managed for the whole season.  The team seems to be coming together well and we are confident of more success in the second half.  The focus here now changes to indoor hockey, or as I fondly refer to it, Spielzeughockey (toy hockey).  I have decided to take a break and am looking forward to having some extra spare time.

I can definitely use some at the moment.  The new school is very challenging and I am finding that it is taking up more time than I expected.  I am teaching five new subjects (including art, drama and religion) and getting my head around the material is sometimes quite difficult.  I’m slowly getting there though and am enjoying myself.  I am a year five form teacher, and although this is very hard work and stressful as there is much more responsibility involved with this position than in Australia, the kids are very very cute.

I was very lucky a few weeks back to get a spontaneous visit from my friend LJ.  LJ and I worked together at Kmart and she is currently travelling through Europe with the end goal of setting herself up in France.  We spent a lovely weekend together (Ok I may have had two hockey games) and it was great catching up and eating ice cream.  Man I have eaten so much ice cream this summer it’s ridiculous!  LJ and I have already made plans to visit Morocco over Easter, which we are both very excited about.

Last but not least… I spent two weekends down in the Alps visiting a pretty special boy.  Once toChamonix in France and then the second time to Sion in Switzerland.  Trust me to fall for somebody who lives in Switzerland.  So Chris is my Swiss surprise.  🙂

We actually met on the tour mum and I did of Mt Blanc.  Chris was the cook and luggage transporter… yes I know, highly unprofessional for us to hook up.  He’s pretty amazing though and we are both smitten.  I’m keeping a low lid on things but I do really like him.  He’s been up to visit here in Darmstadt as well (where he was subjected to five hockey games) and we are planning on spending the autumn holidays together.

Talking of which… last day of school tomorrow before the autumn holidays!  Wahoo!  The plan is to take the car down through Switzerland and France into Spain.  I am hoping for lots of sunshine and some beach time… and lots of snuggles with my boy.


P.s  More photos?  Check out https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150396009805589.401452.509745588&l=e9a56e80c7&type=1


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