Christmas Craziness!

December 18, 2011 at 5:03 pm (Germany)

The first Glühwein of the year!

Christmas is in full swing here.  I have been frequenting the Darmstadt Weihnachtsmarkt more than I wish to admit and have most definitely gained weight.  It’s getting colder and darker earlier.  The sun hasn’t even risen by the time I start my first lesson for the day.  AND there is only one and a half school days left before HOLIDAYS!  🙂  I;m off to Switzerland to spend Christmas with Chris.

As per usual the silly season has been more than crazy.  School has been busy and I survived my first ever Christmas evening with my class performing two numbers.  They sang the 12 Australian Days of Christmas and performed a drama piece.  I must admit to being very proud of them.  They were fantastic and I was definitely a happy camper by the end of the night.

I had the pleasure of having Miss Suzie Sheehy to stay for a night and also of seeing both Damaris and her brother Christoph in Mainz.  This has helped with the homesickness with the lead up to Christmas.  This year, more than the past two, I am feeling quite sad not to be home.  I’m hoping for a warm Australian 2012 Christmas… it’s simply not the same when it is cold and miserable.

It’s been hard having a boyfriend who lives in Switzerland.  After I returned to Darmstadt I had to wait six weeks to see him again.  He did send some beautiful flowers to school though, which was a huge surprise.  We had a lovely weekend with his parents in Basel early December and checked out the Christmas market there.  We also cleaned out his bedroom much to his mother’s delight.  I already feel like one of the family there.  His parents are absolutely lovely and welcoming and I am very much looking forward to spending Christmas with them.  Not only do I also get to meet Chris’ sister, but his mum Caroline has promised me Yorkshire Puddings with our Christmas dinner because it’s tradition for me back home.  🙂  How lovely is that?

I had been looking forward to a planned weekend in Stockholm for ages.  My friend Ashley, with whom I went to Egypt with last year, is currently in Scandinavia on a trip and I really wanted to see him while he was in Europe.  Gwen and I had organised a weekend away in Stockholm to meet up with him.  But alas, the weather God’s had other ideas and unfortunately our plane was cancelled.

Now, as disappointed as I was (and Ash I really was disappointed) we made the best out of a miserable situation.  First we watched the film Hanni and Nanni, which we had wanted to do together for over a year and a half.  Then, we pulled out our dancing shoes and made a special appearance at the hockey Christmas party.  It was actually a really fun night.

The Hesse State Parliament

Then on the Saturday we decided that considering we couldn’t visit the capital of Sweden, we would visit the capital of the state of Hesse instead!  So of we went to Wiesbaden to shop and check out the Christmas market.  (Surprise, surprise)  We had an absolutely lovely day, finished off our shopping and most definitely made up for our lost flight.  Stockholm will just have to be another adventure some other time.

There are of course, other adventures to be had.  My next is a ski course in the Swiss Alps.  My brother Michael’s response to this was… ‘But you hate snow.’  And how true this is.  Chris has been warned.

2011 has truly been an amazing year for me.  It just makes me wonder what on earth will happen in 2012.  All I can say is… Bring it ON!


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