New Decisions, New Beginnings and Lots of Fun in Between

June 21, 2012 at 3:36 pm (Germany)

After being through my photos I am pleasantly surprised with how many things I have experienced since Easter.  I didn’t think I had much to say, but actually I always seem to have something going on.  🙂  First things first… I have decided to stay on here for another year.  I’m not ready to give up the travelling freedom of Europe just yet and the concept of having to start at a new school was just too much.  I’m happy where I am at the moment and am looking forward to our new school building and having the opportunity to consolidate all the hard work I have put into the last school year.

Like I said, things have been busy.  I had a lovely evening out with Rob at an Australian folk music band soon after the Easter holidays.  It was pretty amazing to be able to sing along to Waltzing Matilda and Home Among the Gum Trees in a German pub.  The highlight was performing the Heel and Toe for the other pubgoers, much to Rob’s discomfort.  The band was really good and we’re hoping they come back to Darmstadt soon.

Rob finally got me along to the annual May 1st Wine Walk.  He’s been trying for as long as I have known him and I finally sucummed this year as I had promised Joe (new Aussie living in Darmstadt who also amazingly plays hockey) that I would take him along as it is traditional here.  Basically you walk from wine booth to wine booth and enjoy the scenery.  We had amazing weather, a lot of fun and an absolutely fantastic day out.  There were so many people out walking and it was nice bumping into random people throughout the day.  Plus I met my new flatmate Fiona there!  YAY

Hockey has been going well.  Last weekend I was in Schweinfurt and Rosenheim for games and we have managed to stay in the league for the second year running.  🙂  One more game this weekend and then a break over the summer holiday, which will be good for the soul.  I spent one long weekend and a fun hockey tournament in Lahr.  Of course bear came along too.  We had an absolutely awesome time and I showed the girls that even oldies can party hard.  I was aided by my dinosaur watering can, which Danny gave me as a present to take with me.  Dino, as he is affectionately known, was a very useful drink carrier and much loved by all.

Kate and Katha weekend was spent this year in London.  We did lots of touristy things, lots of shopping and even managed to get evacuated from the London Museum!  I particularly enjoyed going to Oxford for a day to see John and Suzie.  We got to see their new house (first friends to do so), had a lovely tour of Oxford, an amazing meal and even went punting… with bubbly of course!  I did have a go of steering the boat, which according to the others was the best part of the day.  I was useless.  🙂  Luckily for us, John is an expert punter, as one can easily see from the photo.

I have been up to other mischief too.  An evening at Schlossgrabenfest with my flatmate seeing a pretty good German punk band for example.  I went out partying for Katha’s birthday and even attended a ball as part of a German fraternity.  No rest for the wicked I say.

At the moment I have my friend Ashley staying with me.  He’s been on a whirlwind visit of Germany for the past couple of weeks and is finishing the trip here.  It’s been lovely catching up and I am enjoying his strong Aussie accent.

I need to get into gear with packing as I am moving flats next weekend.  Summer holidays begin in a week and I’m looking forward to a week in Sardina to start them off with the bang.  It’s my third summer holidays in Europe.  Who would have thought?


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