Half-marathon Madness

October 16, 2013 at 7:26 pm (Germany)

IMG_0437Flipping through my diary confirms my belief that I really haven’t been up to much since the end of my summer holidays.  I got given a big gulp of reality and life has been filled with hockey, Martin, school and of course half marathon training.  Even though I haven’t really been up to much excitement it has been busy with a noticable highlight being a visit from Tash, who I went to school with
A new class and school staple activities (Schulfest and farm excursion) have kept me on my toes at work.  My parallel class teacher decided to retire last minute at the beginning of the school year, which wasn’t a smooth start.  His replacement is fantastic though and we get along like a house on fire.  This school year sees me back on a full time contract and after finally settling a pay dispute earning more money.  YAY 🙂  There’s a lot of planning involved at the moment as curriculum has changed and I have a class I haven’t taught before.  That’s always good on one side but I am noticing that I have to spend even more time on usual on work to keep on top of it.

1237462_10151915886316420_1887725744_oI loved having Tash to stay for a week.  It was really good to catch up with her again and re-kindle our friendship.  We spent an afternoon exploring Darmstadt and another one in Heidelberg.  I have now been on the Heidelberg castle tour in English three times.  🙂  We finished off our afternoon with a typical German dinner with Martin and his best mate Christian.  She’s still travelling through Europe at the moment and her Greek island photos are making me ultra jealous!

1278830_10202038904682012_312368634_oMost of my life as late has been taken up by sport.  For some unknown reason I decided to sign myself up for a half-marathon with Suzie and I couldn’t just stop playing hockey to train.  So basically I was training both for hockey and for the half.  Hockey has been a bit of a mixed bag of late.  Our training sessions are fantastic and we’ve been playing well.  We even managed to win the first game of the season in the last five minutes of the game.  I scored the goal and then managed to get sent off a minute later.  Ooops.  Since then however, we have lost twice and drawn twice… both games of which we could have easily taken the points.

Half marathon training went really well for the first six weeks.  Then I was sick and lost complete motivation.  It was so disappointing when I knew I had to sit the session out and it took me a while to recover and get back into it.  My longest run before the big event was only 14km which I was disappointed with.  I had hoped to have covered a few more kms.  Amazingly I wasn’t worried too much about the event.  Wasn’t nervous or anything.  I guess I just knew I would be fine, which I was.

I completed my first half marathon in 2:10:16 😀  It’s about the time I thought I might be able to manage.  I was really happy because I ran a sensible race and stayed at the same consistent pace for the whole thing.  I managed to run my fastest 5km, 10km and half marathon all in the one race.  That was a bit of a shock but maybe it was just my competitive nature coming out.  I felt good most of the way but struggled at the 17km mark.  I feel extremely proud of myself for actually going ahead and doing it.  Actually more for training for it and making running a priority.  It was an amazing feeling crossing that finish line!

I particularly enjoyed sharing the experience with Suzie.  She’s running crazy these days and managed it in a PB of 1:40:03 (So no we did not run together!) I’m sure I would never have signed up if she hadn’t said she would do it with me.  I have a lot of people to thank for the experience… IMG_0478

  • Suzie for your motivation
  • Stefan for making me a training plan
  • Damaris and Miri for cheering (you guys nearly made me cry)
  • The hockey girls for running with me… in particular Malin, Caro and Didi
  • Martin for making me feel guilty and his random tips 😉

The half marathon was in Cologne and Suzie and I were lucky enough to be able to stay with Damaris.  I hadn’t seen her for ages either so it was a good catch up all round.  On Friday night her flat hosted a house party where I was sadly the oldest.  hahaha  It was a great night though, even if terrible preparation for the half marathon.  We ended up spending Saturday mainly recovering.  Damaris is now all motivated for her first half marathon in spring.  You go girl!

Sadly I am currently Martinless here in Darmstadt.  Martin is in South Korea for work so I am doing my best to cope without his cuddles, Gemeinheit and cooking.  He managed to break his leg on his second night there so h  He’s been pretty frustrated but is on the mend.  He keeps reminding me that he will be back in time for Glühwein.

Tomorrow I am off for a week in England.  First I am visiting Verena in Doncaster where she is doing an internship.  Then it’s up the coast to Scarborough to visit family.  Can’t wait for a proper roast with yorkshire puddings!


P.s  Not many to see this time but if your interested https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151896184840589.1073741832.509745588&type=1&l=f3afea35e7


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