Merry Christmas Madness!

December 27, 2013 at 8:39 am (Germany)

IMG_0505Christmas has been and gone and somehow my blog is still living back in October.  Time to sit down and reflect on the past couple of months.  As always it has been a busy time, especially with the lead up to Christmas.

My week in England was lovely.  I enjoyed visiting Verena and even got to see one of her hockey games.  Then it was up to Scarborough for some quality family time.  I really enjoyed spending time with the family and making sure I stocked up on all my English food favourites.  Highlights included a beautiful walk along the cliffs with Uncle Simon, spending time with two of the cutest kids ever and a proper family roast with Yorkshire puddings to boot!  Hopefully it won’t be so long between visits next time.

I managed to live through the Martinfree time quite well.  I had lots to keep my busy with the indoor hockey season starting and school, as always, taking up a ridiculous amount of time.  It was a rather frustrating time as we were basically running a relationship through what’s app.  The time difference made it impossible for skyping more than twice a week and some weeks we were lucky enough to fit one in.  Weekends seemed to be full of partying for both of us so I guess we overcome the separation in the same way.

IMG_0561He came back on the Saturday and then Suzie came to visit on the Sunday!  Finally the two of them got to meet each other (only took a year and a half which is quite ridiculous actually).  Suzie had a three day conference in Darmstadt and saved some money for her work by sleeping at the Kate hotel.  It was lovely having her and completely stress free as she was busy each day and was happy with Glühwein and butter Bretzeln.  🙂

Toy hockey has been a whole new experience for me this year.  Somehow I was voted captain of the second’s which involves me greeting and saying goodbye to our opponents, always a laugh with my amazing pronunciation and grammatical skills.  I also had to umpire my first indoor hockey game… this was an interesting experience as most of the time I don’t even know why something has been blown against me in my own games.  Surprisingly I managed ok with the umpiring although I got myself into a right state about doing it.  I experienced my first ever game playing for the firsts (nearly had a heart attack when I was selected) and also played in game in Kassel with the minimum amount of players which we drew!  That was really satisfying although on the other side disappointing because even with six players we definitely had the chance to win the game.  The rest of the season will also be interesting too as we no longer have a goalie.  I guess you can’t have everything and it is Spielzeughockey after all.

IMG_0568The Christmas lead up has been full of Glühwein and cookies.  I don’t know how many times I made it to the Darmstadt Christmas market but I can say that I am heartily sick of them!  May have overdone it a bit.  🙂  I spent a lovely Saturday afternoon baking traditional Christmas cookies with a student of mine and his family.  We made four different types of cookies and it has me inspired to get back into my baking a little more.  (Might be a terrible cook but my baking isn’t so bad plus I have to practice with the lead up to my 30th birthday)

The highlight of the past couple of months was participating in the staff pantomime.  Traditionally we have a Christmas break up at the school for students, teachers and parents and this year I made the bold suggestion that we put together a staff pantomime.  After some coaxing we managed to get a team together of six people and put together a version of ‘The Grinch who Stole Christmas’.  I played Cindy Lou Who and was amazed how easily and without too many nerves I was able to perform in front of a packed house.  The pantomime was a huge surprise for everybody and a massive success.  All of us who participated have had heaps of compliments, which is amazing considering we only had one read through together!  Very last minute but we made up for it with costumes and enthusiasm.

IMG_0620 IMG_0616

2013-12-25 09.50.12Christmas was a family affair.  We spent Christmas Eve with Martin’s parents and then his sister and her family came on Christmas day.  The Christmas tree was lit with real candles and we sang Christmas songs and shared Christmas stories.  It’s always interesting seeing how other people celebrate, but I really missed some of my family traditions this year.  At least I had Christmas crackers and a meal wearing a silly paper hat on IMG_0629Boxing Day when we visited Danny and Peer in Heidelberg.  It was lovely being able to celebrate with them again.  No big Christmas travel plans…. maybe a couple of days in Marburg and Cologne, school work and finally cleaning out my bedroom!


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