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February 14, 2015 at 5:51 pm (Travel)

Mum with her four children all home for Christmas!

Mum with her four children all home for Christmas!

I arrived back in Australia full of trepidation.  After four years I was unsure as to how I would feel and had forgotten a lot about what it is like.  I was surprised at how quickly I fell back in to the swing of things and felt at home.  I enjoyed having all my favourite Australian foods at my fingertips and absolutely loved running along the beach.  I tried to give myself some breathing space but I had a lot of people to catch up with and more importantly in my mother’s opinion… a bedroom to clean out!


Christmas Selfie!

Katha flew over with me and somehow survived a ‘Sleeth’ Christmas.  This year we had our traditional breakfast at Bob and Sharne’s place and mum cooked a late lunch Christmas dinner.  For those of you wondering, traditional Christmas dinner for us is turkey with all the trimmings including Yorkshire puddings.  She particularly enjoyed Christmas Eve because we visited Healsville Sanctuary and spent the evening wrapping presents and drinking copious amounts of wine.

Healsville Sanctuary is an Australian animal zoo.  All the animals there are native to Australia and they are set up in enclosures that mimic the natural habitat.  It’s really well done and a great way to experience lots of different native wildlife.  The platypus enclosure there is amazing as platypi are very shy animals and it is VERY unusual for them to be seen in the wild.  Katha and I were also lucky enough to see a baby wombat being fed in the animal hospital.  The wombat’s mother had been killed in a road accident and it was really interesting hearing how the rangers ‘adopt’ the joeys and care for them at home overnight until they are a certain age.  Imagine having a baby wombat chewing your electrical cords and scratching your couches!

IMG_2455Conny also came to visit for a week so between her and Katha I got to see quite a lot of Melbourne as a tourist.  Both of them were treated to ‘Kate’ Melbourne tours, which featured the circle line tram, Flinders Street Station, Hosier Lane and many other Melbourne ‘musts’.  Katha even got a Kate and Suzie childhood tour including visiting our old primary and secondary schools and other random places we deemed to be important.  Other excursions included going to the penguins at Philip Island twice, once completely packed, which was most definitely an experience.

With Conny and my brother James I headed down the Great Ocean Road to show Conny the magnificent shipwreck coast.  Unfortuantely we did not have the best of weather and my driving tests were put to the test on very wet windy roads.  We visited the Otway Fly which was beautifully green due to the rain. Of course we saw the essentials: London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge, The Twelve Apostles and visited the surf shops at Torquay on our way home.


IMG_2577Conny also celebrated her birthday while in Melbourne so we headed in to StKilda with an old primary school friend of hers who just happens to be working as an au pair in Melbourne and some of my girlfriends.  We had a very successful night and completely danced our socks off.  In true Melbourne form I made sure that Conny did not buy the celebratory glasses on champas.  In Germany it is traditional for the birthday girl to buy he round of drinks to celebrate but I was all over that!

If I started to go through all the various catch ups I had we would be here for like forever.  I saw people from highschool, hockey, Kmart, school, family and old family friends.  I met new husbands, partners, children and visited new houses.  All of them were special in their own way but I particularly relished the chance to spend time with my girls Kate A, Lis, Alli and Mich.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives again.


Mum was in her element having our big mansion full of people again.  Both James and I home, Conny and Katha staying and her current border Jamie.  It was great getting in to the habit of chatting with her again and spending time together whenever possible.  We spent a day in the city just the two of us where we visited the Jean Paul Gautier exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Parkdale Beach - 500m from our house!

Parkdale Beach – 500m from our house!

I’ve been back in Germany for two weeks now and I must admit that returning to Germany has a bittersweet feeling.  I absolutely loved being home but I am also excited about my new job and having more time to explore Europe.  It’s hard when you feel like you are split between two places, both of which have wonderful people that I am lucky enough to have as a part of my life.



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