The Last Strays of Summer

September 18, 2015 at 7:48 pm (Travel)

imageAfter a couple of days trying to get my school things sorted, I was on my way to England for the traditional catch up.  This time around it really was all about catch ups!  It started as soon as I arrived in London.  I tried to get into the city in record time to meet up with Steph, who Suzie and I went to high school with.  (Catch up #1 & 2)  She was in London on a work trip and unfortunately our times only overlapped on this one evening.  Suzie and Steph got a proper catch up and I got about an hour, but it was worth every minute.  It was so lovely to see somebody after so much time and we’re hoping that we will have more time next time, as she should be in Europe more often with her new promotion.

imageSuzie and I spent the night at her brother Jason’s place.  (Catch up #3)  It was lovely seeing him and his partner Grace.  They are currently working and living in London, which is really nice for Suzie.  I am quite jealous that she has family so close at the moment.  We had a wonderful breakfast together before Suzie and I headed back to Wantage for the evening.

We spent the day shopping in Oxford before having a lovely picnic dinner in the grounds of one of the universities.  It was a lovely balmy evening (Ok it got cold quickly and Suzie and John (Catch up #4) looked quite funny in their matching black puffy jackets) and we were there to see Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’.  Unfortunately the production was not particularly good.  Some of the characterisations were sketchy and did not fit with the original text and the accents used were also not consistent.  For me, it was just really nice to see a production in English.

imageOf course Suzie and I also participated in our traditional Summer run.  This year it was the 10km Cheddar Gorge Challenge and Suzie actually came in as second female and won a prize!  I was just happy to finish, especially as I wasn’t last.  I had quite spectacular fall too.  I had lovely bruises for a week.  🙂

Back to London and a home cooked dinner with my Aunt Frances (Catch up #5).  We had a lot to chat about and she always has the best stories.  I am really looking forward to having Christmas with her, Andrew and Rosie this year.

A trip to London is never complete without seeing Debra!  (Catch up #6)  We had pies at Borough market, walked for miles and visited both Southwark Cathedral and City Hall.


The highlight Catch up though was seeing Mich and Dave.  (Catch up #7)  Unfortunately they were both ultra tired after a bus ride from Amsterdam but Mich and I made the most of it and chatted away at record pace.  It was lovely to hear about their holiday and wedding plans and I wish we could have these catch ups more regularly.


Back to Germany, more days organising myself for school and a hockey tournament on the last weekend and I was ready to start at school.  That, however, is another blog completely.



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