Snow Bunnies

February 12, 2016 at 8:15 pm (Germany, Travel)

The last four weeks have been a particularly busy stretch for me.  In fact, I wasn’t home for one full weekend at all!  The Christmas holidays only finished four weeks ago but it feels like a lifetime in between.

My first weekend involved a crash visit to Darmstadt for Anneli’s house warming.  She had been dropping hints left right and centre that she’d really like me to come so I made it happen.  It was a whirlwind trip with me catching up with my old colleague Martin, Astrid, Stefan, Fiona, Gwen and her family as well as my hockey girls Anneli, Johanna, Franzi and Klara at the house warming.  I don’t think I stopped for a moment!


First time I have actually managed to get a photo on a snow covered hockey field!

Then it was an early train back to Stuttgart for my hockey game and to support the TEC boys who were playing against Stuttgart.  It was so lovely watching them play again and actually knowing the people I was supporting on the field.  A lot of people were not too impressed I was supporting Darmstadt, but when I pointed out I had played there for six years and three of the players had coached me they let me off the hook.  They really are a great group of guys and a lot of fun to watch.

That weekend also begun my three English musicals in a week.  Now this is actually quite an achievement when you factor in that I live in Germany.  I saw the Sound of Music at the Kelley brackets the Friday before I went to Darmstadt, my school’s production of Fiddler on the Roof on the following Tuesday and then Matilda on the Friday night of my weekend in London.  All three musicals were fantastic in their own right.  I loved how Fiddler involved both students and teachers and how seamlessly this worked.  The Sound of Music is full of well known and well loved songs and the female leads were fantastic.

The highlight however was Matilda.  Suzie and I had been plotting (literally for years) to go and see the musical and my God it did not disappoint.  The choreography was absolutely outstanding and the portrayal of Miss Trunchbull totally spot on.  The production was fun from start to finish and comes highly recommended.  Frances and her London musical/theatre recommendations never fail!

The following weekend I spent in Hannover at the annual German international teacher’s conference (AGIS).  This year I presented on ‘Interactive Classroom Displays’ and although I was very nervous my presentation went off without a hitch.  I received really positive feedback and am very glad for the experience.  Although I didn’t find the presentations as helpful or as insightful as previous years, I did enjoy catching up with my old colleagues at the SISS as well as other familiar faces from the German teaching scene.  I even managed to fit in my weekly long run!

imageIn between various other things came up… Australia Day was celebrated at the local Irish pub and it was great to see so many Aussies there.  The German version of the Bachelor started so I have been watching it every week with a group of German friends.  It’s actually a lot of fun when there are so many people around to discuss the stupidity of it all.  🙂  For Fasching at school I pulled out my old school uniform, including school shoes and socks.  Amazingly it still all fits and the English teachers in particular thought the costume was a hoot.

Last weekend began with my C1 Goethe Institut German exam.  This was paid for by the school as part of a German course which they offer all new staff members.  My German is probably more at a C2 level so I didn’t take the C1 exam as seriously as I probably should have.  To be honest, between all my weekends away, AGIS and reports I barely had any time to even consider it.  I did do some practice reading and listening in the week leading up to the exam which definitely helped.  I’m pretty happy with how it all went, am sure I passed and am eager to find out my results.

imageThen on Sunday Mish and I left for our much awaited skiing trip to Lech.  I hadn’t been out on the slopes for a year so I was keen to get back into the swing of it.  My legs were not so keen.  They were very sore on the second day.  We had three full days of skiing and then skied a half day on the last day because the weather was heavenly.  It was amazing watching our confidence grow over the weekend, mainly due to our ski fairies who took us under their wing on our third day.  We skied and ate well.  A wonderful trip all round and a huge thank you to Mish for being my partner in crime!

This weekend I am finally in Stuttgart and unbelievably I am here next weekend too!  Tomorrow I am off shopping with Stephie at an outlet village and I have two runs planned for the weekend, as well as cleaning and school work.  It’s not always fun and games contrary to popular belief.  😉



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