Continuing my Traditions in China…

March 26, 2017 at 8:47 pm (China)


My fellow hares including Just the Youngest Hare in History

Back to school and back to business… that means continuing to build a home here in China and making sure that I also keep my own international traditions.  There’s a lot to be thankful for here, like my Thursday morning swims and the wonderful group of teachers I get to work and learn from.  I finally got myself sorted with a bicycle and Hello Kitty is once again standing proud as I pedal my way around Suzhou.  It sounds silly, but even having her back on the bike and riding around has lifted my spirits.  There’s always something going on here and it’s not often I’m twiddling my thumbs doing nothing.  (Which let’s face it, I’m not very good at doing!)

IMG_3880The Suzhou Hash House Harriers continue to be a big of my Chinese life.  Thorsten and Oliver took me under their wing for my first haring experience, which meant I helped to lay the trail the other runners and walkers followed.  Our wine and German themed hash included Glühwein (much to my DELIGHT) and a wine stop for which I was accountable for.  I was very pleased to not have the carry the 5 liters of wine back down the mountain and I surprised everybody by serving in my dirndl!

I also helped hare the St Patrick’s Day Hash and joined the Taiping hashers from Shanghai for a beautiful run through the Suzhou wilderness.  I’ve met so many amazing people and having contacts outside of school has really helped me feel more settled.

IMG_3971I finally made my way to Shanghai to join the expat hockey group for a bit of a hit up.  There were about 13 of us and we played quarter field.  I didn’t do too badly against the boys and managed to score a couple of nice goals.  It felt so good being back on the pitch again… I hadn’t realised how much I was missing it.  It still blows my mind, that in a city with a higher population of the whole of my home country Australia, there is only one hockey pitch!  I’m hoping that I will be able to go out and join them about once a month.  For now, I will have to settle with joining them for an international competition in Hong Kong in April.  I am so EXCITED!

A change of country shouldn’t mean that traditions are forgotten!  I ran my 5th half marathon earlier this month.  It was slower than last year but that’s not surprising considering the pollution here and a new school.  This is one tradition I am quite proud of and am already contemplating where my 2018 half marathon will be!


I turned 33 fairly quietly this year.  (I celebrated St Patrick’s Day after the hash instead)  My German friends spoilt me with a German breakfast and a care package filled with many of the German foods I miss.  Then we went and visited Suzhou’s version of London Bridge.  This bridge replica was built for Chinese wedding photos and is quite bizarre!  The whole area around it, is filled with random props for wedding photos.  We also visited a building with dozens of backdrops for making photos.  It was fun seeing this ‘Chinese tradition’ and topped off with some Cold Stone ice cream, it was a lovely birthday.  🙂


Otherwise, I have been doing bits and pieces.  I’m still going to Gaelic football and doing my fitness class DragonFit.  I went to watch some friends in an Improv session, which was lots of fun and inspired me to get more involved with it in the classroom.  My kids are absolutely loving it!  I’m slowly getting more sorted with using my kitchen and have even organised an Ayi to come once a week to clean the flat.  So good to not have to clean!

April break begins on Friday.  We’re nearly half way through Exhibition so it’s crazy at school and the break is much needed.  I am looking forward to my return to Borneo and finally climbing Mt Kinabalu!


P.s  More photos?


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