I’m Kate, 33, Australian and currently working as a primary school teacher in Suzhou China.  I play hockey, love to party and want to see as much of the world as possible in my lifetime.

Charlie Bear is 23, lovable and extremely cute.  He loves cuddles, naps and flying in aeroplanes.  He also likes having visitors.

We originally decided together to embark on a European working trip.  In Melbourne Kate taught German as a foreign language, so we figured teaching English in Germany would be an interesting experience.

That was 8 years ago and somehow it has turned into a world working adventure.  Kate’s become an international teacher,  a primary school teacher and we have friends all over the world.  We never thought we would end up in China and away for so long!

So here we are!  Feel free to follow our travels and leave comments.

Lotsa smiles

Luv K8 and bear!



  1. Dominic said,

    Wow, you have travelled lots

  2. Timothy(5RM) said,

    Nice webstite ^.^

  3. Timothy(5RM) said,

    Good luck on the english test dominic!!! 🙂

  4. S... said,

    Cool Web Page, Want to learn in School how to Creative One 😉

  5. S... said,


  6. Timothy(5RM) said,

    So do I PLS!!! 😉

  7. Timothy(5RM) said,

    No,really, please

  8. Timothy(5RM) said,

    🙂 😦 😉 😛 =-O :-* :O B-) :-$ :-$ :-! :-[ O:-) :-\ 😥 :-X 😀 o_O :-/ x-( 😐 ❤ :-V XD :-Q :-@ :-C :-O just testing the smilies

  9. Timothy(5RM) said,

    Shame we wont see us in yr6 😦

    • Kate and Charliebear said,

      I think it’s a shame too Tim, but we’ll see each other around and you’re always welcome to come visit 5KS. 🙂

  10. Timothy(5RM) said,

    Not more school x.X

  11. Timothy(6SR) said,

    All hallows eve was EPIC
    ( )

  12. Ethan11 said,

    Found you!

  13. Ethan11 said,

    how are you?

  14. Ethan11 said,

    The blog is really nice!

  15. Ethan11 said,

    I am going to try to come on everyday

  16. Ethan11 said,


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